Advances in Sensing and Imaging

Vážení členovia SCHS,

v rámci virtuálnych konferencií pravidelne organizovaných Chemistry Europe Vám dávame do pozornosti ďalší on-line seminár, ktorý sa uskutoční 10.11. 2021 o 10:00. Oficiálnu pozvánku uvádzame nižšie.

Chemistry Europe is delighted to invite you to the first Virtual Symposium Advances in Sensing and Imaging of one of its newest journals Analysis & Sensing.

When: November 10, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

Enjoy exciting presentations by four board members who will present their current research on sensing and imaging, including fluorescent sensors and probes, mass spectrometry imaging, and wearable electrochemical sensors:

  • Elizabeth J. New (The University of Sydney): Fluorescent Approaches to Understanding the Biological Interactions of Cisplatin
  • Fan Zhang (Fudan University): Second Near-Infrared Window Fluorescent Probes for in vivo Multiplexed Bioimaging
  • Ron Heeren (Maastricht University): Innovations in Imaging Mass Spectrometry: From Single Molecules to Single Cells
  • Maria Cuartero (KTH, Royal Institute of Technology): Pursuing Trustability in Wearable Electrochemical Sensors

If you are interested in this event, please register free of charge here For your convenience, we will continue informing you of our exciting events several days in advance. If you would like an overview of all virtual events please visit the Chemistry Europe Hub or Chemistry Views

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