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Welcome to Slovak Chemical Society

The Slovak Chemical Society (SChemS) is a voluntary scientific society uniting Slovak experts in the field of chemistry. It is one of Slovakia’s most important and oldest scientific and professional organizations. It was founded in 1929 and currently unites around 800 chemists and workers in related fields. SChemS is a member of the Council of Slovak Scientific Societies at the SAS, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), a member of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS), the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTNA), negotiating entry into the ChemSocPub association and initiated the establishment of the Slovak of the IUPAC National Committee on Chemistry (SNK IUPAC ).

The pillars of the activities of the SChemS:

  1. Congresses of Czech-Slovak Chemical Societies (Zjazdy chemikov )
  2. ChemZi magazine (link )
  3. Series of lectures Chemical horizons (link )
  4. Activities of SChemS Professional Groups (29 PGs in 5 cities) (link )
  5. Membership in international organizations: EuChemS , IUPAC and Chemistry Europe

SChemS also includes the SChemS Youth Forum, which was founded in 2018. The Youth Forum closely cooperates with foreign networks of young chemists, especially the European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN) and the International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN), where Slovakia is represented by delegates.



prof. Ing. Ľubomír Švorc, DrSc.

Vice presidents

doc. RNDr. Monika Jerigová, PhD. and prof. Ing. Peter Šimon, DrSc.

Honorary President

Prof. Ing. Viktor Milata, DrSc.

Scientific secretary

RNDr. Dalma Gyepesová, CSc.


Ing. Michaela Halinkovičová


doc. Ing. Zuzana Cibulková, PhD., Ing. Roman Fišera, PhD., doc. RNDr. Róbert Góra, PhD., prof. Ing. Ján Moncoľ, DrSc., prof. RNDr. Renáta Oriňaková, DrSc., RNDr. Michal Procházka, PhD., doc. Ing. Ivan Šalitroš, DrSc., doc. RNDr. Eva Viglašová, PhD.

Review committee

RNDr. Slávka Hamuľaková, PhD., RNDr. Lenka Lorencová, PhD., doc. RNDr. Zuzana Vargová, PhD.


The Slovak Chemical Society is located in the Faculty of Chemical and Food Chemistry of STU building on the 1st floor.

Adress:Slovenská chemická spoločnosť
Radlinského 9
812 15 Bratislava
Id number:00178900
Phone:+421 950 699 435
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